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There is no cost to register at this site to buy medical equipment; there is also no cost to sell used medical equipment. So come in and look around - I hope you find what you're looking for.

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Hello and Welcome to Medical Equipment Forward!

EG_pre-owned-medical-equipmentI established this site after taking care of my in-laws for over two years. I, like many others I know, was rushed into the caregiving role by the sudden sickness of my husband's parents.  I found myself constantly going to buy medical equipment and paying an arm and a leg for things like bath chairs, bedside toilets, etc.

Then, when I needed to sell medical equipment, there was really no site specializing in personal pre owned medical equipment for sale. So, I started this site for all Caregivers who would like to save money by purchasing medical equipment used, or to sell medical equipment that is no longer needed. 

If everyone sells their used medical equipment for sale for just a little less than they bought it, eventually, this will be the site to get it for FREE; then pass it on to the next person.

Just as in the movie "Pay it Forward" let's all help others by buying and selling used medical equipment for sale through this site.



Our Mission is to help others save money by buying and selling Used Medical Equipment For Sale.

Thank you for your support, please tell your friends about this site so I can keep it going and filled with personal - Pre owned medical equipment for sale.